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A violent prisoner without hope finds eternal purpose. A young single mother, sexually exploited since childhood, discovers God accepts her. An abused and abandoned wife left in the dark finds God’s love. By God’s grace, through the programs you support, we have seen so many lives changed forever, as they have come to Jesus through his word. Will you continue to help share Christ with many more?

Your donation today will go to a range of literacy initiatives that put the Bible to work. These Bible Society projects include Bible-based literacy programs for women in Bangladesh, infants in South Africa, for war refugees in the Middle East and in Cameroon.

If you would like to support other projects such as International Bible Distribution, Trauma Healing and Advocacy work, then please visit our Non-tax Deductible General Donation form. Non-tax deductible donations will give us the greatest flexibility to send your donation to where it’s needed most.

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This is a tax deductable appeal

Life-changing words

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