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Esther Project

Bible-based trauma healing programs for abused women in Cameroon

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The abuse of young girls is a little-known horror in Cameroon. According to UNICEF, one in five girls aged between 15 and 19 has been raped or sexually abused. Even this may be vastly under-estimated. The issue is rarely talked about.

The Esther Project is a unique Bible-based trauma healing program. The Project also helps raise awareness of sexual abuse through a campaign for school-aged girls. The local Bible Society distributes Bible leaflets and visits schools and churches teaching girls to protect themselves. With your help, we can successfully run this program for vulnerable girls and refugees across Cameroon.

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With your help we can successfully run this program for vulnerable girls and refugees across Cameroon, including alongside literacy classes for women in refugee camps.

  • Study the Bible and receive a copy of God’s Word
  • Learn vital life skills, like how to make things and run a small business
  • Allow God to heal their emotional and psychological wounds

With your support, the lives of more girls will be changed through this project.

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Esther Project

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