Asang-Khongso First New Testament


The Bible Society of Myanmar are currently translating the New Testament into the Asang-Khongso language for one of the Chin tribal groups living in Myanmar.

These people are one of the smallest groups among the 53 Chin tribal groups living in Myanmar, with only about 3,000 people. They consider themselves as ethnic Khongso, but their language is different; they are linguistically very distinct from other Chin groups. Their language is a dialect of Chin, Eastern Khumi, and is registered with Global Recordings (23797).

The people have been praying for a Bible translation in their language, and the pastors and church leaders requested that a translation be undertaken.

At the end of 2017, the Bible Society of Myanmar started the Khongso Bible translation, and the four Gospels were published in 2019. These trials revealed that while Asang Khongso and another tribal language, Anu Khongso, have many things in common their dissimilarities were too focused in their social life. The differences were in their basic languages; 30% of writing and speaking are different to each other.
For this reason, Bible Society Myanmar accepted Anu Khongso and Asang Khongso as separate projects.

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