Thursday 4th August 10am - 2pm

Mt Pleasant Baptist Church
497 Marmion St, Booragoon WA

Speakers & Topics


Lily Strachan

Chaplain, Robert Menzies College

The surprising strength of weakness

Our world proclaims that the #blessed are confident, beautiful, successful and adored, yet Jesus claimed that the blessed are poor, meek, pure, and persecuted. Does that mean that if we’re with Jesus, we’re called to welcome weakness? How can there be any upsides to physical or mental illness, rejection, or pain? Lily will explain why Christ’s words to the weak are not only radical, but a wonderful, surprising source of strength.


Simon Smart

Executive Director, Centre for Public Christianity (CPX)

Fully Alive: Christianity, pleasure and purpose

We live in a time of growing anxiety, fear and distrust, where Christianity is viewed increasingly negatively and with deep misunderstanding. Yet people still long for real meaning, a secure identity, to know they are loved and to find a community of relational richness. For a hurting and broken world, the hope found in the message of Jesus remains captivating for those willing to take a look.


Justine Toh

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Public Christianity (CPX)

Achievement Addiction

Are you addicted to achievement? If so, no judgement! We’ve long been told that working hard will allow us to reach our goals. As a result, it’s become too easy for us to measure ourselves—and each other—by our accomplishments. Academic success, sporting wins, and lots of attention online can all leave us on a high. But there are downsides to being an achievement addict: we agonise endlessly over our own performance, we can be harshly critical of others, and we fall into the trap of judging our self-worth based on our work. What might life look like, minus our addiction to achievement—and worth, beyond our work?

What is Masterclass?

Bible Society’s Masterclass events are for students in school years 9-12 to explore contemporary issues from a biblical perspective.

Masterclass also includes a popular Q&A session which gives students the freedom to ask our panel of speakers searching questions about the Christian faith.

Your students are frequently challenged to give a reason for the hope they have in Jesus. Masterclass helps young Christians to grow in their confidence and withstand the pressures of living in a post-Christian society.

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