‘Keeping it light’

The Bible campaign that’s started a national conversation

Keeping it Light is a short series of videos showing that it is possible to have a light discussion on the heaviest topics. It’s one of the ways we’re celebrating 200 years of the Bible and Bible Society in Australia.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in recent days, it’s that we, as a nation, need to learn how to talk, and how to listen, to people we disagree with.

It’s much more interesting to talk and listen to people who see things differently to us. Sure it’s not easy or comfortable at times. But then, it’s probably why so much of the Bible is about how to have conversations with each other and with God.

“Everyone should be slow to speak and quick to listen.” James 1:9

Twitter has been a-flutter with talk about the Bible and what Australians can - and can’t - talk about in public. There have been media reports that try to shame this person or that person for what they’ve said.

We think that we all miss out on something when dissenting voices are shut down. And this is where the Bible is so interesting. There’s almost nothing the Bible doesn’t discuss. Marriage, politics, the horrors of war, the quest for justice, the human struggle with guilt and failure and, of course, the real shame of our broken relationship with God.

Like the Bible itself, the Bible Society holds that everything in the human experience should be discussed, but with grace. And, most of all, since Christ has died on the cross in our place, shaming each other has no place in our lives. We want to lift our national conversation. We’re immensely grateful to our conversation partners around the country - some of whom are Bible readers, and some of whom aren’t - for being part of it. There are millions of people across the world who want access to the Bible’s perspectives and cannot get it. We are working hard to translate, share and engage all people with the Bible. Perhaps you can help?

We trust the next video in the series will create even more discussion about The Good Book and its importance and relevance to our everyday lives.