Thursday 28th April

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Dan Paterson

Is the Bible outdated and oppressive?

From sexism to slavery, homophobia to genocide: is the Bible on the wrong side of history? In centuries past, sceptics questioned whether God existed – not whether God was good. Today, we not only doubt God’s existence but whether he is worth knowing at all. How can we make sense of the charges against God and the Bible – and be confident in God’s goodness?


Justine Toh

Achievement Addiction

Are you addicted to achievement? If so, no judgement! We’ve long been told that working hard will allow us to reach our goals. As a result, it’s become too easy for us to measure ourselves—and each other—by our accomplishments. Academic success, sporting wins, and lots of attention online can all leave us on a high. But there are downsides to being an achievement addict: we agonise endlessly over our own performance, we can be harshly critical of others, and we fall into the trap of judging our self-worth based on our work. What might life look like, minus our addiction to achievement—and worth, beyond our work?


Simon Smart

Fully Alive: Christianity, pleasure and purpose

Christianity is deeply misunderstood today. And at a time of growing anxiety, fear, and distrust, it is needed more than ever. All human beings long for a secure identity, to know that they are loved, to find community and relational richness and ultimately, a way to feel at home. The Christian story offers all this and more. For a hurting and broken world, the hope found in the message of Jesus remains captivating for those willing to take a look.

What is Masterclass?

Bible Society’s Masterclass events are for students in school years 9-12 to explore contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. Masterclass also includes a popular Q&A session which gives students the freedom to ask our panel of speakers searching questions about the Christian faith. Your students are frequently challenged to give a reason for the hope they have in Jesus. Masterclass helps young Christians to grow in their confidence and withstand the pressures of living in a post-Christian society.

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