Trek for Bibles on the Larapinta

Enjoy Australia's heartland as you help provide God's word in Indigenous languages

Larapinta Challenge 2021

Can you see yourself on a Central Australian peak, looking out at incredible plains, valleys and lakes? Would you love to witness a fireball setting sun, and gaze up at a desert night full of stars? When you trek for Bibles with us you can make this come true as well as share God’s word. This August, join a like-minded group of people taking on Bible Society’s Larapinta Challenge. You’ll explore an amazing trail while raising funds for our Indigenous Bible projects.

When: 16 – 22 August 2021
Where: 74km of the Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

Share the journey

As you trek for Bibles you will support Indigenous Christians doing their best to share God’s word with their communities. More than half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are Christians, yet most do not have the Bible in their language. This creates a barrier to fully expressing their faith, and helping others to find a closer connection with God.

Katrina Tjitayi’s heart language is Pitjantjatjara, a Western Desert language. She’s working to bring the whole Bible to her community, just like her mother who helped translate the New Testament into Pitjantjatjara. Katrina, taking on the mantle, is working on the Old Testament. She explains why it’s important to share the Bible in their words. “When somebody comes talking in English, the door is closed. But when we do our language, everything spiritual is opened.” The Bible in their words helps them share the gospel.

So will you trek for Bibles this August?

… deep in the MacDonnell Ranges, living out a dream while answering the prayers of our Indigenous brethren? We hope so. As you take on the Larapinta Challenge you will help us:

  • Publish and distribute Bibles for Indigenous communities
  • Record Indigenous Scripture in audio
  • Support translation of the Bible into more languages
  • Prepare special Bible workshops, training and resources for Indigenous communities

Don’t worry about how to fundraise. Just like you’ll have company on the trail, you will also have support on how to raise funds. So please get all the information you need or email us for anything else you’d like to know. And then click below when you’re ready to join the challenge!


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