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Churches in China recognise how vital Sunday Schools are in reaching a new generation of Christians. But with little or no access to essential Scripture materials for the young, many are struggling to teach children about Jesus.
Sunday Schools in China

A whole new generation waits to embrace the gospel message and sustain a thriving Chinese church well into the future − if only we can equip them with God’s life-changing word today.

Over 300 million Chinese are under 18 years of age and every day many of them face the challenges of stress and changing societal values. This is a generation crying out for direction and the solid foundation of sound Christian teaching.

Praying for Sunday SchoolsThe need is most desperate in the poorest rural areas where children from Christian homes can’t access kids Bibles and resources because of their parents’ limited income.

“Children are not just the future of the church, they are also the future of the family and the nation,” says Li Ning, who serves at Endian (Grace) Church in western Chongqing.

Our goal in 2016 is to launch 180 new Sunday Schools, reaching 14,400 Sunday School students. We need your help urgently to provide the Scripture resources needed to reach this target.

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Your generous donation will provide desperately needed Scripture resources so churches can establish new Sunday Schools and ground children in the truths of God’s life-changing word. Act today, and together we can shape a new generation in China.

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