Mozambique – change for good

Bible Society appeal for Mozambique

Australians spend an average of 11 years in education.

Mozambicans spend an average of just 1 year in school.

Mozambique project page imageYou can change these statistics for good by donating to Bible Society’s literacy programme in rural Mozambique.

Bible Society is using the Bible to help children and adults learn to read and write, with free Bibles given to all students who complete the programme. The classes are held in rural villages where access to local schools is restricted. Thousands of lives have been transformed, like Sara Armanda, 36.

“Like most women in our society,” she says, “I am unemployed, but provide for my family through farming activities. I was not able to go to school because I grew up in a poor family of peasant farmers, and our parents obliged us to help with farming to sustain the family.  In our family, none of the children had the chance to go to school. When I heard of the Literacy Program, I enrolled with a desire to learn the things I never had a chance to learn before. My main objective was to learn to read and write, as well as preaching. Because of the grace of God, and the courage He builds in me, I am now able to read and write …In the Bible, I love the story of Esther because it encourages me as a woman, that I can do more than what people expect of me.”

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Rural Literacy Programme today.

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