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The Flying Bible Ministry is unique and crucial.

It serves 370,000 people spread over 3 million square kilometres. These communities need God’s Word.

For those who have never been there, it is almost impossible to appreciate just how vast are the remote parts of the Australian continent.  Travelling by road between small scattered outback communities is time-consuming, exhausting and, at times, dangerous because of the extreme terrain and weather conditions.

Roads are sometimes completely impassable, communities are cut off for weeks, and many northern islands are inaccessable except by air.  Air flight has proven over the past 25 years to be the most efficient form of transport to service the needs of churches, missions and individuals in the Outback and Top End.

Most ministries can raise their funds from the communities to which they minister.  That’s just not possible in these remote parts of Australia, where the cost of reaching each community is high, but the communities themselves are small and not wealthy.

So the Flying Bible Ministry is not simply a mode of transport, but rather it is a ministry. Instead of charging extra for air freight, all Bibles and Scripture resources sold in remote communities are highly subsidised by donations given through the Bible Society.

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