Iraqi Christians are begging for our help.

They need you. Now.

Convert to Islam, pay a protection tax or leave.

That’s the ultimatum given to the Christians of Mosul and now thousands of Christians in other Iraqi towns, by Islamic militants. If they did not obey they would be killed.

Islamic State militants have taken over a third of Iraq and parts of Syria. The UN reports 1.2 million Iraqis and 1 million Syrians have been ‘displaced’, forced from their homes.

Bible Society is on the ground in Iraqi Kurdistan, where thousands of Christian refugees are arriving. There is also a team in Syria working to supply Scriptures to the thousands of displaced people there.

These two countries are an example of what is going on in the Middle East, where we are helping give people access to the Bible in some of the hardest places to be a Christian. 

We need your generous support urgently.

Please partner with us to bring hope to our desperate brothers and sisters in the Middle East, who are facing the most distressing circumstances imaginable.

Pray for the Christians of Iraq

* Please pray for the Christians in the Middle East forced from their homes under threat of death.
* Pray for God’s protecting hand to be with them and that his provision for them is plentiful in this time of urgent need.
* Pray that the Bible Society team in the Middle East is safe amidst increasing danger and able to carry out their work to reach families in desperate need.
* Pray that others would recognise the plight of their brethren and provide support for them.