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Welcome! This guide has been created to help you better understand some of the issues we think Christians care about for the upcoming federal election. It is not definitive, but we will keep adding to it as issues develop and policies are released. Is there something we’ve missed? Let us know.

Click on each of the issues below for our election guide:

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Greg Clarke election message

A message from Greg Clarke:

Bible Society Australia is a non-denominational and non-political organisation, but we encourage Christian reflection on political, social and ethical issues. We are delighted when the Bible is involved in these reflections, offering wisdom that has helped shape the nation we love, and still provides so much for individuals, families and communities today.

Christians are held together by stronger bonds than politics. We are united in believing that Jesus Christ is the revelation of God to us, the “word made flesh” as the Bible describes him, and the salvation of the world. Any political differences that Christians have are surpassed by this common commitment to Christ which means we can call each other brothers and sisters.

Our unity in Christ enables us to express our different viewpoints in love and fellowship, and this guide hosts a range of different perspectives from Australian Christian organisations and individuals. Please visit the various pages to discover the opinions of leading Australian Christian thinkers on issues affecting the life of the nation. I’m sure you will be informed, intrigued, inspired and perhaps even incensed!

We hope and pray that this material assists you to undertake the great privilege of voting for our nation’s next leaders.

Every blessing,






Dr Greg Clarke
Chief Executive Officer
Bible Society Australia

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