Helping Australian Christians create a Bible reading habit this year…

Start with 25 words. This year, the Bible Society will run a campaign we’re calling Live light in 25 words. This campaign will be run with Australian churches, schools and Christian organisations to help Christians build a Bible habit during October. We are asking Australian Christians to start their Bible reading habit by committing to reading their Bibles for the 31 days of October. Register for the campaign here, or watch the introduction video here:

Sadly, our recent research reveals that less than two out of every ten Australian Christians are engaging with the word of God on a daily basis. Just like you, Bible Society believes that reading the Bible regularly is vital. In response to this, we want to work with you to create a Bible reading ‘epidemic’.

Christians are saying they just don’t have the time. Our lives are only getting busier, our stresses heavier and our attention spans shorter. We now live in an age of SMS, Facebook and tweets of just 140 characters. So how can we bring them back to a book of over 700,000 words?

Live light in 25 words.

The answer, of course, is in what God gives us. It’s the Bible itself. The Bible has been broken up into books, chapters and pithy statements of around 25 words (which we call verses!) And, interestingly enough, a verse or 25 words is roughly the number of words that go into a tweet, a text message or a social media update. And that is the whole idea behind our campaign for 2012. It’s called: Live light in 25 Words.

This Australia-wide campaign is an invitation to Christians simply to make a fresh start on their Bible reading habit with just 25 words. It can grow from there. And when they do, they’ll begin to experience more of what Jesus promises—to lighten the burdens we all carry. All of the campaign activities and resources point to October 1. On that day, we’ll ask Christians to make a commitment to start their Bible habit. But you can get started right now.

The challenge to start (or restart) a Bible reading habit is a big one. But you don’t have to solve it all by yourself. The Bible Society is here to equip church leaders like you. We’re going to help you with an array of resources and events. We are asking you to register you and your churches commitment to Bible reading  during October.

By registering you will be a part of a Christian community who will commit to start or continue their Bible reading in October. Bible Society will also provide you updates on the campaign including when resources have been released by BSA and our partners, news on events and much more.

We believe that God’s word brings life – and we look forward to hearing about the new life in your church community in the months to come.

It is our prayer, with yours, that from this Bible Reading Campaign, people will form a habit to read God’s Word, a habit that lightens their heart and will transform their lives.

Greg Clarke
CEO, Bible Society Australia

Want to learn how to live lighter in 2012? Register for the Live light in 25 words Bible reading campaign here:

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